Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cottage Pie

Well, it's officially cottage season, and with that comes one of my all time favorite foods, as well as one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.  Wild blueberries from a little stand by the side of the road and filling our cottage with friends who cook.  This past weekend, I had the privilege of playing in the kitchen with some of my food obsessed friends.  For me, the highlights of our weekend's menu were: giant steaks that were butchered on the dock, freshly fried 'Cafe Du Monde' beignets, that were brought in from New Orleans for me (in the form of a mix),  Zac's home made burgers, and wild blueberry pie!  Here's where you all sigh with disappointment and throw rotten fruit at me.  I barely touched my camera all weekend.  Booo! Hissss!  I guess I was having too much fun working on my beer belly and putting myself into a food coma.  Not to worry though,  I did come away with a couple photos of our monster of a blueberry pie. I have to thank my pie partner in crime for letting me stuff three pints of blueberries into a 9" pie (the recipe called for an 11" deep dish... oops).  I insisted, promising that we could totally fit all those berries in the pie shell then secretly crossed my fingers, toes and eyes and prayed that we wouldn't end up having to eat blueberry mush off the bottom of the stove for dessert.  As you can see, our pie held together.  Thankfully, it hadn't completely disappeared before I had the chance to kneel on the table and disruptively work on this photograph.

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