Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's A Jungle Up There!

Well ladies and gents, it's been a crazy busy summer so far.  Most of my time has been taken up by producing shoots for other photographers, but I'm sloooooowly beginning to see my portfolio come together and am patiently trying to find the time to finish my promos.  All things exciting and good, BUT, if I was allowed to have just one complaint, it's that I don't have enough time to spend in my lush jungle of a rooftop garden.  As I sit at my computer, I often catch myself looking anxiously forward to the next time that I'll be able to lose myself in the mini jungle that is growing on my terrace.  I've recently discovered that hunting tomatoes in my garden provides me with a sense of calm that I often find difficult to come by.  As a child, it was fun to unearth a carrot or two or sneak raspberries from a bush but for the most part, it seemed like work.  I'm not sure what exactly caused the shift in me.  Age and wisdom perhaps?  Heh...  Maybe I'm just desperately in need of slowing myself down once in a while.  The careful way that my hands are forced to navigate the tangles of branches without disturbing any of the green tomatoes causes me to focus on something delicate, much like baking and shooting food.
I wonder how the condo board would feel about my building a greenhouse?  Perhaps I could bribe them with the promise of beautiful tomatoes all year round.

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