Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deep Fried Butter

Yesterday, my husband and I took a trip to The Ex and I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to anyone that we went for the food.  This year, with all the hype surrounding the deep fried butter, how could we possibly resist?  The entire time we stood in line I kept contemplating bailing.  Deep fried butter??!  I'll eat just about anything, but the thought of biting into a ball of butter was borderline too much to handle.  Curiosity definitely won out this time, especially when my husband heard the guy ahead of us say that they "taste like heaven."  How could I possibly say no to a treat that would make angels sing?
How did they taste?  Like Yum.  Essentially they're frozen blobs of butter dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried.  These confections are pillow-y masses of fried dough with a melt-y, delightfully-buttery and salty centre.  For those of you who would like to replicate this taste in your own kitchen: take a plain doughnut, warm and butter liberally.  That's it.  In the same way that bread with butter is better than bread without, so are doughnuts.  They're not life-changing, but they are very tasty.
As decadent a treat as these were,  I can't say that I would wait the 40 mins in line next year.  I would however, stand near the front of the line to watch and listen to people's reactions while I snacked on a bag of Tiny Tom's donuts, which are always worth the price of admission.

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