Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dirty Dishes

I'm beginning to develop a bit of an attraction to empty, actually, almost-empty plates.  As my husband said to me a few weeks ago, when I was musing about what it was that was attracting me to dirty dishes, 'good food leaves good looking residue.'  I think he hit it somewhat on the nose but I feel like it goes a bit deeper than that.  What remains, or doesn't, helps to tell a story.  Be it a story about a great meal, or perhaps a not so good one.  It might be a small insight into who the dish belonged to.  Maybe they like their french toast stacked neatly and doused in honey or maybe they don't like peas or maybe nothing on their plate is allowed to touch.  Regardless of what it is, these are all little clues that can hint at someone's personality.  Maybe it's not all that important but I find it very intriguing.  I guess that's part of why I love being a photographer.  It's all in the details for me.

Here's a pair of images from our New Years Eve dinner.  A little before and after if you will.  (Not to worry, I cleared my plate of every delicious morsel.  I just couldn't help but stop to take a shot of this great looking plate.)  If you're at all as into the details as I am, I was debating what my last mouthful should be when I shot this frame.

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