Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pining for Polaroid

I'd like to promise that I'll be posting a blog entry every day, but I'm sure that I'd be lying off the bat and I'm thinking that that's not the best way to start off a new relationship.  Now, since we're starting off honestly, I will do my best to post something minimum twice a week... even if it's just an iphone shot (I do love my Best Camera app!).
Two things on my mind today: 1. How to ditch my partner in cooking class and 2. Polaroids
I'll get back to #1 in a second...
I've been thinking about pulling out all that expired film from my freezer and putting my beautiful Pentax 645 lenses back onto their rightful body to give them a break from my 5DMKII.  Unfortunately, my Pentax doesn't have a polaroid back and can't be fitted for one.  Since I've been thinking more about old yellowing polaroids than I have been about film I'm going to begin my search for a polaroid camera that you can still buy film for.
 Back to #2.  Ditching my partner.  Day one of cooking class was great.  We got our uniforms, goofy hat and neckerchief included, and we made the pastry for the apple pies we'll be making next week.  But I digress...  I'm a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to baking.  As my friends and family can attest to I can get a bit testy when it comes to people not measuring properly, scaling their ingredients or doing things in the wrong order.  Long story short, when baking with me, the 'chat with the chef but don't touch the ingredients' approach usually works best.  Seeing as I'm already planning to show up early for class to weigh out our ingredients by myself, we'll see how it goes.  Perhaps along with making some killer baked goods this class will teach me to play nice in the kitchen...

Here's a Baked Cannelloni that I have been fighting with for the last week.  Subtle tweak after subtle tweak and I think I'm finally satisfied.  I'm open to any comments/critique if you're up for giving it.  Leave them here or email me at reena [at] reenanewman.com.

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